How to Have a Good Night’s Rest (Especially When You’re Stressed)

If you’re having a difficult time sleeping tossing and turning or having a stream of unpleasant and strangely vivid dreams during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Whatever the cause may be for you, here are several ways to cope and have a deep sleep. Follow these healthy routines for your well-deserved rest!

Morning exercise

Exercising in the morning will help you have enough rest and sleep
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Exhausting your body in the morning is one way to regularize your body block. Working out in the morning or early afternoon will keep your heart rate up and improve your time and quality of sleep.

Read light books before sleeping

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Reading books is a great way to temporarily detach from reality and unwind before bed. Although, keep in mind the material you ingest. Stay away from unsettling themes or anything that keeps you on your toes. Same goes for TV series and movies. It also helps to watch something you’ve already seen before to avoid being left curious.

Back off of blue light


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Your screen’s blue light heavily affects sleep quality by disrupting your circadian rhythm. Be sure to eliminate the use of blue light one to two hours before bedtime and wear protective eyeglasses.

Consider using a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have been used by occupational therapists for years as a self-soothing tool for individuals with ADHD, sensory issues, and anxiety. There are several kinds to consider so do your research before purchasing. 

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Bedtime tea

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Tea with Chamomile and Lavender have been widely used in traditional herbal medicine to support a relaxed mood and sleep. We recommend taking a cup an hour or more before to avoid mild dehydration.

Add these steps to your daily routine and improve your sleep in no time!


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