How To Make The Most Of College In The New Normal

Is it possible to have an authentic college experience? Hell yeah!

Do you feel like the pandemic robbed you of an authentic college experience? If you do, you’re not alone. Many of us planned on rooming with friends or socializing with blockmates on campus instead of Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom.

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But as the saying goes, we shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Let’s just make the most of what we have. If you’re a freshman about to enter college, here’s how you can do that.

Look for ways to feel in control

The pandemic has taken away our sense of control. No matter how badly we want to live like it’s 2019, we still need to be careful. That said, we can still enjoy life. We just have to come up with creative ways to take our power back. Some students did that by taking up new hobbies, like cooking. Others started small businesses to earn some money. Take control, and don’t lose hope! 

Get out there! 

Metro Manila is now under Alert Level 1, so face-to-face classes are slowly making a comeback at some colleges and universities. When you have a chance to go to campus, take it as that’ll make you feel like a bona fide college student. The senior high days are long gone; we’re gettin’ serious, baby!

Do your best to socialize with your block mates! Yes, “get out there” also means getting to know the people you’ll be studying with. Who knows? They might become your lifelong friends! 

Say “yes” more!

Game night? Why not? Join an org? Sure! Study group? Let’s do it! 

Books and tests aren’t the end-all and be-all of college life. Join Discord servers, campaigns, extra-curriculars, seminars; you name it. Anything that can keep you in the know, because guess what, freshie? This is what your life will be like for the next three or four years. 

Just because everything is online doesn’t mean all you can do is work on your modules then cry about not being able to live out your Gilmore Girls-esque college fantasy. You can still do those things! Sure, there won’t be bonfires or whatever, but saying yes to things will help you feel like you’re part of a community, which is what being in college is all about. 


When it comes to the hybrid setup, you’ll want to be prepared. Asynchronous classes might be here to stay because, duh, it’s so convenient. You’ll be doing everything on your laptop, phone, or tablet, so invest in a good one. 

Consider the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S8, which comes with a keyboard and pen. With it, you have the speed of a tablet and the efficiency of a laptop. It also comes with DeX mode, which allows you to switch from a tablet layout to a desktop that can run Windows 11 instantly!   

When you’re studying in times like this, you’ll want everything to be convenient and customizable, so save up for some good tech! Swear, it’s worth it. 

Dress up! 

Nothing screams college like dressing to the nines. Whether you’re at your desk or on campus, doing so may put you in a good mood. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Styling yourself will make you feel good and remind you of when getting ready for school meant getting dressed in the morning. Instead of your senior high uniform, you can now put together a good OOTD. Speaking of which, show off your fierce look by turning on your camera in class. 

That usually prompts other students to open their cameras too. Trust us, seeing your classmates’ faces instead of a blank screen feels better.  


Have fun! 

Nothing beats pre-pandemic college life, but you’ll have a blast anyway if you do as we say.

Art Daniella Sison


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