How to Prepare for the Rainy Season

As the rainy season comes upon us, it’s especially important to be prepared for harsh rains, winds, and typhoons. Though we hope we never have to face danger, the possibility is always there.

Be aware and knowledgeable this rainy season and keep prepared with these tips.

Pack your emergency kit

How to Prepare for the Rainy Season
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Nothing is more important than the emergency kit. Your bag full of essentials should include medicines, extra clothing, electronics, documents, food, and water. Make sure to keep your bag in a place that’s easily accessible and ready to grab and go. This bag will be extremely useful in the event that you actually have to evacuate your home, so pack it well.

Know your evacuation plans

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Your evacuation route, local hotlines, and emergency contacts are all things you should consider when preparing for the typhoon season. Your family and other household members should already be familiar with your immediate evacuation plan and the roles each member will play if ever disaster strikes. Don’t forget to also consider how to move around with pets, infants, and elderly individuals.

Stock up on food

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In cases where power is lost or weather conditions render it impossible to venture out to the grocery store, it can be difficult to find food to eat for the week. To avoid this, stock up on food beforehand; don’t participate in the panic buying rush and get it done ASAP to lessen the chance of shortages. Remember to buy food that does not easily spoil and does not need a fridge to keep fresh. Canned food, biscuits, and snacks are your best bets.

Rain-proof your house

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A good plan against the rainy season is making sure your house is also prepared. Prevent the risk of trees crashing through your windows and roofs by trimming them beforehand. Also consider sealing windows, checking drains, raising important appliances like washers and dryers, and moving away heavy objects around your house.

Be mindful of your essentials

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Aside from your emergency bag, there are things you need to keep on your person that can help you be more prepared. Extra emergency cash, a powerbank/charger, and valid IDs are obvious essentials. Stashing a small radio in your bag will also help you to keep updated with weather reports and news.

For some, the rainy season merely means gloomier days. For others, it means flooding, evacuation, and the loss of homes. While we can’t avoid the rainy season, we can do our best to be as prepared as possible to minimize damage. The more preparation you undergo, the easier it will be to deal with disaster!

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