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How to Save Energy Around the House

As consumer habits and interests change, regular habits and trends are made to adapt. Lately, many people have been getting into energy-saving tricks to cut down on the electricity bill and help save the planet.

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While it seems to be a small problem, the little things you do everyday can make a great difference in your electricity bill (and the environment).

So what exactly can we do to save energy around the home?

Unplug everything and turn off those lights!

Did you know that while an appliance is plugged in but not in use, it can still passively draw energy? That means that while you’re out of the house or sleeping, your charger or microwave is still slowly using up your electricity!

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So aside from turning off the lights, you can make a daily habit of making sure you unplug appliances that are not in use. Maybe you can also charge your phone throughout the day and keep it unplugged at night, or unplug your microwave right after use. All of these things help!

Skip the air-conditioning and open all the windows

When it’s not exactly scorching hot, you’ll survive the day by keeping windows and screen doors open. Fans use significantly less energy than air-conditioning units and the open air that will circulate in your home can bring in some of the fresh breeze.

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If you really can’t live without turning on the air-conditioning, you can opt to turn it on only at certain hours of the day for certain periods of time.

Invest in energy-saving appliances

LED light bulbs, solar panels, and inverter-type air conditioners and refrigerators are all energy-saving appliances that can cut a significant portion of your bill. The initial expense you spend on these appliances will eventually save you more money in the long run.

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Do things in bulk

This means to do things in load. If you’ve got a dishwasher, fill it up with all the dirty dishes you have to save electricity and water. If you’re making a pot of rice, make it so it lasts 3-4 meals after so you can just reheat the extra rice whenever you want.

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Doing things in bulk like this will keep you from repeatedly performing the same task and subsequently wasting energy.

Maintain your appliances

Dirty appliances use up more energy than you think. For example, if you fail to clean and replace your air-conditioning filter every now and then, your air-conditioning unit will have to work harder to function and will therefore use up more energy than it should.

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These aren’t the only tips you could follow. There are many things you can do to make sure you’ve got one of the most efficient households in town; just do your research and get to saving!


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