How to Snap Out of a Productivity Slump

January is the month where new years resolutions are made – a month where people are more likely to follow those resolutions before they plateau in the coming months. But in a time of tightening restrictions and rising COVID-19 cases, it can all be a bit disheartening. If you’re feeling distracted and your mental clarity has come and gone, you might just be stuck in a rut. No matter your reason, here are three tips to snap out of the productivity slump.

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Don’t Overcommit

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After a long period of rest, you might be tempted to start a long list of things you want and need to do. If you cram work in one day in the hopes of getting in the groove of productivity, you might just disappoint yourself and have a harder time doing the smallest of tasks. Give yourself the time to adjust and space your tasks out. 

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Start Small 

A wise man by the name of Mark Twain once said, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” This is a good tip for a normal day but if you’re having a productivity slump as it is to pick yourself out of bed, start small. Start on simple tasks that barely need your brainpower and then work your way up. If you only have one task for the day, force yourself to work for 5 minutes. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself working past that time you set for yourself. 

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself after doing a task might be excessive, but adding something to your routine that you can look forward to can be your ongoing motivation. It’s the best way to get work done and not stress yourself because of the rewards in between. Your reward might just propel you to finish all the tasks you need to do. 

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