How to Survive the Hellish Manila Traffic

Most of us have (unfortunately) experienced Manila traffic at some point in our lives — and it’s the worst! Commutes that should be just half an hour long turn to three hours of painful waiting, sweating, and more waiting. Check out these five things that will make you survive the hellish Manila traffic:

1Power Bank/Portable Charger
image 15
Image From Lazada PH

Whatever you’re riding to any destination, it’s important that you have your phone with you  at all times in case an emergency arises. This portable charger will keep your phone sufficiently charged even in the middle of traffic! It comes with dual USB ports and Micro USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time.

Wireless Earphones
image 16
Image From Lazada PH

Traffic will lead you to countless hours of waiting and it can get exhaustingly boring. These wireless earphones will give your commute more color and make your day a little more bearable. You can also use just one of the buds to listen because of Its two-ear split design!

Electric Handheld Fan
image 17
Image From Shopee PH

Manila is really hot in the worst sense of the word. Getting stuck in traffic also means staying out under the weather, getting into close contact with fellow commuters, and lots of walking. This electric handheld fan will help you cool down conveniently and effectively given its size and features — it’s rechargeable and perfectly designed to fit in your hands!

Water Bottle
image 18
Image From Lazada PH

Staying out in traffic, practically immobile, will keep you dehydrated as you keep waiting. Keep one of these water bottles in your bag every day to quench your thirst and stay healthy even with the Manila traffic! This 500-mL water bottle is made up of stainless steel and can hold hot and cold liquid.

Bio Isopropyl Alcohol Spray 70 330ml 1
Image From Lazada PH

You’ll always be in contact with other people when you’re travelling and even more so when you’re stuck in traffic. Keep this alcohol in your bag every time you go out to be safe from any germs and bacteria. You don’t have to worry about drying out your skin because this also contains glycerol which helps retain moisture.

Visit Shopee and Lazada and check out more of your travel essentials — you’ll definitely need to survive Manila’s hellish traffic!

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