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How to Take Effective Naps According to Experts

We all know someone who loves taking naps whether it’s on the commute home or during lunch breaks. It’s a quick way to recharge when you need a burst of energy throughout the day without relying on caffeine. However, they could be more harmful than beneficial when done wrong. Yes, there is an effective way to take naps, according to experts.

How to Take Effective Naps According to Experts
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Limit Naps to 30 minutes

The duration of the nap matters. Researchers suggest taking “power naps” which are typically 10 to 20 minutes long. Anything longer than 30 minutes will put the body into a deep sleep. Instead of feeling energized, this may cause you to feel groggy or drowsy. Set an alarm so you don’t go over the 30 minutes.

Don’t Nap Later in the Day

The time you take a nap also makes a difference. Ideally, you want to take them between 12 noon to 4 P.M. so it won’t interfere with your circadian rhythm. Napping later in the day will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.

Nap in a Comfortable Space

Dozing off would be difficult if the environment isn’t conducive for naps. You’ll want to find a spot that’s cool and quiet to get proper rest. If you take frequent naps at your desk, for example, you might want to invest in a Body Koala. Other items that might help you fall asleep faster are earplugs and an eye mask.  

Identify Why You Need a Nap

Sleep-deprived people may compensate for sleep loss with a recovery nap. Night shift workers may take prophylactic naps before and during their shift to stay alert. When you’re feeling ill, your body’s response to promote healing might be to take an essential nap. Naps that are taken purely for relaxation or enjoyment are referred to as appetitive naps.

Naps that are too short are ineffective and napping longer than 30 minutes can be counterproductive. Adults who take effective naps can combat sleepiness, improve productivity, and regulate emotions.

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