Is your candle tunneling? Fix it with this one household item

If scented candles are a fixture in your home, then you’ll know how frustrating it feels when you candle tunnels. This is when the candle wick melts down the center instead of the entire waxy surface, so when the wax hardens, you’ll find yourself with a waxy tunnel that will only go deeper as you continue to light it.

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Letting your candle tunnel is a huge waste of wax. So as soon as you see that tunnel forming, get yourself this one common household item that’ll help you fix it ASAP: aluminum foil. 

Use the aluminum foil on your next lighting to smoothen the wax across your candle surface. Simply wrap the foil around your candle and cover the edges of the top to trap the heat inside. 

Photo from Pinterest
photo from Pinterest

Let the foil have over the areas with the built-up wax, and leave a space in the middle where the burning wick is. This will melt the pool of wax almost instantly. Once your candle cools, you’ll find yourself with a flatbed of wax.

Of course, there are ways to avoid tunneling in the first place. But if you need a quick fix to your problem, then the aluminum foil hack will do the trick!

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