Knowing the 5 love languages is the secret to a healthy relationship

In relationships, have you ever felt like the way your partner showed love was somehow lacking? Or have you experienced instances wherein your partner didn’t appreciate when you decided to show love in your own way? These misunderstandings can end a relationship.

It’s actually amazing how people get into relationships without any sort of preparation and expect it to go smoothly. In life, we have to learn skills to be able to do certain things. The same should be expected of love.

One thing you can start with is knowing your and your partner’s love language. According to relationship counselor Gary Chapman, there are five in total: words of affirmation is when you like to hear compliments and sweet statements, quality time is when you prefer to have your partner’s undivided attention, receiving gifts is when you feel appreciated when someone gives you a thoughtful gift, acts of service is when you believe that action speaks louder than words, and physical touch is when you prefer receiving physical affection.

However, the above descriptions are all on the receiving side. There is one other side to consider and that is how you give love. For example, you may like giving gifts, but not exactly receiving them.

Knowing the two sides of your and your partner’s love language is important to better understand how to love each other. Being aware of each other’s love language will ensure that your and your partner’s emotional needs are met.

Not sure what’s your love language? You can take this quiz to find out.


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