Looking for a New Pet? Here’s Where You Can Adopt

It’s tough to admit, but during this quarantine, many of us have felt the loneliness of staying indoors 24/7. Without our endless forms of entertainment (cinemas, restaurants, outdoor sports, and bars!), we’ve been left to fend for ourselves in the confines of the four walls of our homes.

But this shouldn’t discourage us from attempting to make new connections. A good portion of us have turned to pets to keep us company during this difficult time. Instead of purchasing an insanely expensive purebred dog or cat, here’s where you can adopt:

Pawssion Project

A considerably popular shelter, Pawssion Project launched in 2018 after a mission to save pound dogs on death row turned into the formation of an official shelter. Now, two and a half years and 400 dogs later, the rescue grew to have two shelter locations and hundreds of volunteers. They’ve rehomed over 300 animals and continue to spearhead spay & neuter campaigns, adoption drives, and partnerships with LGUs.

Hound Haven

Ever wonder what happens to old K-9s? Sometimes they’re euthanized for lack of further use or more often, discarded, once they’ve completed their time in the line of duty. Hound Haven gives these special senior dogs a sanctuary where they can be rehabilitated to be better fit for home environments. The dogs in their care are mostly MWDs (military working dogs) and CWDs (contract working dogs), so you can expect all of them to be mostly trained!


Strays Worth Saving focuses on rescuing abused and neglected strays from the harsh streets of Metro Manila. They often encounter severe cases of malnourished and injured animals and need donations to keep up with vet bills. You can take a look at their page to see their most recent rescues and adoptables.

BARK Mission

BARK Mission especially cares for dogs and cats in distress. They advocate for the adoption of rescued animals and campaign for widespread spay/neuter events. They’ve also previously partnered with brands to help fundraise for their cause, so don’t forget to support those local shops as well!

Your Local Pound!

Or, if you’d like to rescue a pet yourself, your best bet would be to visit your local pound. Many aren’t aware, but animals in need are right around the corner if you check out your municipal pound. Dogs and cats that aren’t adopted out from the pound are sadly euthanized, so choosing to adopt here means that you’re quite literally saving a life.

Remember that pets are a lifelong commitment and not just there for our convenience. Be sure to do your research before you pick out your next furry friend!


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