Looking to date while in quarantine? This Zoom Blind Date is just for you

A lot of people’s love lives are put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some existing couples are functioning as if they’re in a long-distance relationship, and those who are single have no way of meeting new people aside from the usual online dating apps that can get stale fast.

If you’re the latter and want to spice things up, The Sobrang Late Show is hosting a Zoom Blind Date for all you single people (or maybe not single if you’re in a polyamorous relationship). They will match you with someone who they think is compatible with your profile and then you’ll meet them on the scheduled date via Zoom.

If you’re getting sick of Zoom because of all those meetings for work, let this be your excuse to have some fun with the video conferencing app.

You can sign up for the blind date in the links below:

For cisgender, heterosexual men: https://forms.gle/GaUKsx46VTPbP25d7

For cisgender, heterosexual women: https://forms.gle/XkRNmxxQv3QPX9CK8

For the LGBT-Q Community: https://forms.gle/S2Zh2WFv3PeMdocR9

Happy dating!

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