Marie Kondo shares advice on dealing with relationships that no longer spark joy

Marie Kondo is a woman of many talents: tidying expert, television personality, author, and now, relationship guru? Well, as per ABS-CBN News Online, Kondo is back with a new Netflix series for you to binge watch. In this one, she’ll be expanding her ‘spark joy’ philosophy to involve other aspects of people’s lives. 

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo is set to stream worldwide on August 31, and it will feature Kondo applying her signature approach to tidying outside the home.

When asked about what one should do when a relationship no longer sparks joy, Kondo said the first step is to practice deep self-reflection. “I think when you feel that way, when you feel that your career or interpersonal relationship no longer sparks joy, it’s very important to start to reflect on, ‘Is there any part of those things that still you can feel grateful for?’ ‘Is there any part of your career that you can still feel positive about?'” she explained. 

“It’s very important to have that very large overall perspective before you judge whether something sparks joy or not. So really consider it as a whole,” she stressed. Kondo also said that it’s important to find what is – or what used to be- good in a relationship helps one let go and find inner peace. 

Aside from dishing relationship advice, fans will get a lot more insight from Kondo on how to apply her ‘spark joy’ philosophy to one’s everyday life. In fact, she even sees tidying as an opportunity to teach children about care and respect. She’s the mom of two little kids, and she claims that the KonMari method can be taught to kids as young as two years old. 

Interested for more? Well, you better mark your calendar because Kondo is back, with more valuable tips for you to tidy up your house and your life.

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