The Complete Man’s Guide to Taking Care of Facial Hair

Admit it: every man out there has tried to grow facial hair to jack up their sex appeal. Some have succeeded, while most have failed. These men fail because they either don’t know how to properly maintain their manly facial hair, or they simply can’t grow some.

As in all things, consistency is key. That, and a reliable set of grooming products to keep your mustache or beards looking magnificent.

Gaffer Manila Beard Growth Solution (PhP350.00)

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There are lots of advertised beard and hair growers out there, but Gaffer Manila’s Minoxidil oil and gel solution takes the cake solely based on satisfied customers and rave reviews.

With L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate, the Minoxidil solution stimulates the hair follicles continuous growth and nourishes dried skin in the process. Consistent use can show positive signs of beard growth in as fast as two to three months. The gel comes in a 5% or 10% solution.

Sevich Beard Oil Conditioner (PhP240.00)

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Now that you’ve grown a full-flowing beard, it’s time to tame it with the Sevich Beard Oil Conditioner.

The unscented conditioner is made with aloe vera oil, argan oil, jojoba, and vitamin E to strengthen, moisturise, and give your beard a nice sheen so it looks and feels fuller. With evening primrose oil, it also softens the hair and saves the underlying skin from itch, flakes, and irritation. It’s non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and easy to apply, whenever, wherever.

Unbranded Wooden Beard Brush and Comb (PhP173.00)

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Having trouble keeping it composed? Take care of your facial hair at any stage with a pair of beard brush and mustache comb.

Made with beechwood and anti-static boar hair bristles, the brush keeps your beard clean by driving out all dandruff and residues from way beneath your beard. Then, the comb lets you style both your beard and mustache back to formation. Don’t risk letting your facial hair frizzle during the day without this trusty pair.

Taffta Beard Dye Cream (PhP128.00)

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Another common cause of frustration among men growing their facial hairs is keeping it sleek in black. Over time, it turns to gray, making them look more like a grandpa than a charming gentleman. Thankfully, Taffta Beard Dye Cream has an answer.

In just five minutes, you can have your facial hair back to black and gleam for as long as two months. Every order comes with two tubes of activator cream that also softens and conditions your beard after coloring.

Now you can pull off that sultry southern gentleman look effortlessly. Go ahead, stroke your magnificent beard!

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