FreebieMNL - PlantIn is your Virtual Gardening Companion

PlantIn is your Virtual Gardening Companion

Taking care of plants is not as easy as it looks, especially when you have multiple of them. Aside from watering them, you also need to make sure they’re getting enough sunlight and fertilize them when necessary. This could get very overwhelming when you’re just starting, which is why plant apps like PlantIn could be your virtual gardening companion.

Why you should download a plant tracker app?

There are tons of plant apps out there that track your plants’ needs. They serve as an additional resource to help you identify plants, get care tips, and chat with other plant enthusiasts. You could download separate apps for these features or get them all in one app, like PlantIn.–d/

What features does Plant In have?

  • Scheduled Reminders —When things get busy, you might forget to tend to your plants. Just log all your plants on your personal profile and wait to receive notifications whenever they need tending.
  • Plant Care —  Do you know how much water or sun your plant needs? The app has information on caring for your plants like watering, lighting, fertilizing, and pruning so they don’t end up withering.
  • Plant identification — The app is built with a PlantIn AR Scanner that makes it easier to identify different types of flora. It’s able to recognize everything from herbs and indoor plants to bushes and trees with a snap from the scanner.
  • Expert Advice — Talk to a gardener on the app for more advice or chat with other users regarding your plant issues. You’ll also be able to read up gardening tips and lifehacks to expand your plant knowledge.

PlantIn is available on Android and iOS and makes gardening easier for beginners. They’ll help you grow your plants and organize your plant routine. Keep in mind that while apps like these are generally useful, how your plants thrive will still depend on actually putting the time and effort to tend to them.  


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