Relationship Advice from Heart Evangelista

When she’s not serving looks, painting masterpieces, or acting on her advocacies, Heart Evangelista takes her time to answer curious questions sent by her Instagram followers on her stories. From fashion to self-care and show business, her responses are always honest and poised. This love month, we could all take relationship advice from Ms. Love Marie herself.

On Marriage

As expected, quite a few followers are interested in the celebrity’s relationship with her politician husband, Chiz Escudero. Heart doesn’t shy away on topics about her husband, who she claims to also be her best friend. In fact, she says marrying your best friend is the secret to staying in love.  

On Destiny

She knew Chiz was the one because he fought for her. Adding to the list of reasons why she loves him, “He was kind, supportive, understanding — loved unconditionally.” Even after traveling to the most beautiful cities across the world, Heart proclaims that her husband is one of a kind, dismissing a request asking if she could share the governor. “No, sorry. Mine.”

On Cheating and Toxic Relationships

We should stop nagging our partners to be a certain way — let who they [really] are come through.” She believes cheaters will always be cheaters; they are people who don’t deserve further time or attention from their partners. Heart suggests leaving a toxic relationship before you exhaust yourself because real men wouldn’t place you under stressful circumstances like these.

On Break-ups 

We’ve heard the phrase before but let’s hear it one more time for the hopeless romantics: “If you truly love the person, set them free.” Erasing or forgetting someone may not be possible, but Ms. Heart advises those who are fresh from a break-up to stop clinging to the past and live for the present instead.

On Exes

When asked if she stalks any of her exes, Heart gives a resounding no and quips that it might be the other way around. She divulges that one even accidentally liked a picture of her with a dog, yet he, funnily enough, doesn’t even follow her. Nobody else will indeed compare when you have an amazing partner, so she’s thankful things fell into place for her and ended up with Chiz.

These are words of wisdom from someone who gives her all when it comes to matters of the heart. Take what you will from her advice but as fellow YouTuber, Mimiyuuuh said it best, “In Love Marie we Trust”.


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