Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds With These Tips

If brewing coffee each morning is part of your daily routine, chances are you end up with grounds that just get tossed right in the bin. In fact, coffee was one of the most bought products during the pandemic. But did you know that used coffee grounds can be repurposed? Give them a second life with these tips.


A practical way to repurpose used coffee grounds is as fertilizer for your home garden. Even after extracting them for your daily brew, it still holds nutrients that your plants can benefit from. Just scatter the grounds around your crops or create a mist by mixing it with warm water in a spray bottle. If you have a worm bed, your little pets will also benefit from it as it aids their digestion.

Insect Repellant

Repel mosquitos and other common insects with this home remedy. Other than the strong scent keeping them at bay, the used coffee beans have compounds that are poisonous to insects. Leave the leftovers in a bowl or disperse them outside near lounging areas.

Meat Tenderizer

It’s not common knowledge that you can also substitute your meat tenderizer for coffee grounds. Not only does it help break down the tough meaty texture, it adds flavor to your dish. Once the grounds are dried out, include it in your spice mix and marinate the protein. This will result in a crispy crust and a subtle hint of your favorite beans.   

Body Scrub

You may never have to buy body scrubs again once start maaking your own out of used coffee grounds. It works just as well to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin and is a natural and low-cost alternative. Mix it with a little coconut oil before lathering on your skin when you shower to leave you feeling revitalized after.

While there are many more uses for this magical bean, these are just a few ways to repurpose them. You get your caffeine fix, cut down on your waste, and save some coin while you’re at it.

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