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Space-Saving Items You Need to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Not everyone has the luxury of having enough counter space and extra storage for all their spices and equipment, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to have a disorderly kitchen. Clutter can be an eyesore and items haphazardly arranged could be taking up valuable real estate. Organize your kitchen with these space-saving items so that it’s aesthetically pleasing, yet still functional.

Over the Sink Drying Rack

If you have limited counter space and constantly wash the dishes, this might be your next best purchase. It doesn’t need a drip tray and is sturdy enough to hold the load.

Multi-layer Cookware Organizer

This rack can be used horizontally or vertically to maximize space. It can accommodate your pots, pans, and their lids so they’re all in one place.

Adjustable Shelf-Rack

An easy to assemble and adjustable shelf-rack is a great space saver. It’s perfect for cupboards under the sink to stow cleaning supplies or extra pots and pans.

Two-Tier Pullout Drawer

Have cleaning supplies or pantry staples neatly put away and within reach on a pullout drawer. It can be placed on the counter or in the cabinet and is spacious enough for all the essentials.

Lazy Susan

Place frequently used condiments and spices on this organizer. Not only are the rotating trays great for accessibility, but also reducing food waste because ingredients will no longer be forgotten and hidden in the back.

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Utensil Tray

Find an organizer that fits into your kitchen drawer and use it as a utensil tray. That way, your utensils are neatly separated instead of just splayed all over.

Hanging Hook

Position them under cabinets or shelves to hang objects that would usually take up vertical space, like mugs or cooking tools. For pots and pans, have separate hooks that can handle the weight.

Air-tight Containers

Use clear, air-tight containers to store bulk items, and don’t forget to label them. It’s presentable and practical as food will be preserved longer and you’re aware of which ingredients will soon need a refill.

Acrylic Fridge Organizers

Refrain from just shoving everything in the fridge and organize them with transparent containers. Stackable ones are compact and make everything look neater.

Magnetic Fridge Rack

A magnetic fridge rack is renter-friendly as no drilling is required and can be used to stash paper bills, hang paper towels, and display other belongings.

Having an organized kitchen streamlines the process of cooking and cleaning. Nothing’s more satisfying than seeing everything put away or neatly stacked at the end of a long day. And with the help of space-saving items, there’s even an added bonus of a clutter-free counter.


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