Spend Less on These 5 Things to Save Money

If you’re a frivolous spender and catch yourself being short on cash at the end of each month, maybe it’s time to take a serious look at your spending habits. Even the small amounts you usually overlook may add up over time causing you to go over your budget. For that matter, consider cutting back on some of these expenses.

Takeout Food or Coffee

The convenience of takeout food is unparalleled, especially on busier days so it would be unrealistic to slash this category from your budget. But if you have every meal delivered or go out for coffee every day, try limiting it to the weekend and notice how much you’ll be able to save.

Fashion Items

This goes for shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes. Avoid making a purchase just because something is on sale or trendy and ask yourself if you truly need that item. If you do, shop around to find the best deals and don’t sacrifice quality for the cheaper price tag. It may cost you more upfront, but it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get your money’s worth.

Fancy Toiletries and Beauty Products

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Expensive doesn’t always mean better,” countless times and that applies to fancy toiletries and beauty products, too. The “holy grail” everyone enthuses about might not be the best for your skin (or your wallet) and you’re likely to find a more affordable alternative at the local drugstore.



Are you guilty of owning a shelf full of books you promised to read but never got to, yet still proceeded to buy more? We get it — there’s nothing quite like taking home a new book to add to your growing collection. Those novels aren’t going to read themselves, though, so get to them before heading to the nearest bookstore again.

Knickknacks and Décor

A well-decorated home adds a personal touch to your space and makes the place feel inviting. On the contrary, having too many knickknacks could make it look cluttered and unorganized. Refrain from buying tacky décor that only ends up giving you buyer’s remorse after realizing it doesn’t fit your aesthetic and opt for multi-functional items that are sleek and practical.


As you assess your expenses, you may realize how excessive you are when it comes to certain products and services. Cutting back on even just the little things can create wiggle room for your budget and help you save money.

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