Subscribe to These 5 Channels to Stay On Track With Your Self-Improvement Goals

Do you feel like you need some guidance on staying on top of your goals and plans? Are you feeling a bit lost when it comes to taking care of yourself or sticking to healthier mentalities? Finding inspiration and advice doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. 

Sometimes, you can find the basics of the self-improvement journey you’re on at the tip of your fingers. Here are some great YouTube channels that might be helpful if you’re looking to improve the way you approach life. 

TEDx Talks

Let’s start with an obvious one: Tedx Talks. You probably know by now that this channel is full of videos that you can choose from depending on what kind of topic you need to learn more about or what sort of truth bomb you need to hear. The range of new perspectives and wisdom that you can pick up from various speakers spanning all fields and walks of life shouldn’t be underestimated, and that’s exactly what you can expect from these talks. 

Rowena Tsai

While she may post all things lifestyle, this YouTuber is mostly known for soothing and aesthetically pleasing videos that promote self-care and nurturing healthy mindsets. Rowena Tsai is all about exploring methods and perspectives that help you find the courage to live the life you choose. If you’re looking for content that offers practical tips on assessing your life and taking the steps to improve your outlook and habits, this is the channel for you. 

School of Life

With compelling short films, School of Life addresses the questions we have about everyday experiences and realities. Through their animated videos, the channel acts as a guide that helps us navigate the various complications that we encounter every day. The variety of topics – from relationships and self-care to careers and science – is impressive, so you’re bound to find several videos that may just be what you need.

Kati Morton

This YouTuber is a licensed therapist that makes mental health and self-care easier to understand and approach for her viewers. In her videos, she talks about the different facets of mental health and helps her audience get a better idea of their own mental state and what it takes to care for and improve it. 

Anna Akana

Anna Akana is a creator that makes short but impactful videos that shed light on things about our own behaviors and interactions with others that we don’t often think about. With explorations of what small-but-recurring instances in your life mean and hard-to-swallow truths she makes you confront all while cracking jokes, watching her videos feels like catching up with a witty but wise friend who’s looking out for you. 

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