Take control of your finances with GInvest

Don’t you wish you could make more money without having to work hard? Well, it turns out that you can. With one of GCash’s latest offerings, GInvest, you can grow your money and take control of your finances without sacrificing your comfortable lifestyle.

GInvest streamlines the whole investing process for you, meaning you can literally see your funds rise higher on your smartphone without exerting a lot of effort. How do you get started exactly? First of all, you have to open the GCash app, and then tap ‘GInvest.’ Register and answer the Risk Profile Questionnaire. This list of questions helps you figure out the best fund you should put your money in given how much you’re willing to risk. From there, discover and select funds that best suit your financial needs. Track your investment through the GCash app, and make sure to invest consistently. 

How much do you need to invest in GInvest anyway? Believe it or not, you can invest via GInvest for as low as P50 only! Depending on how much you’re willing to shell out, you can invest in top local companies in the country, such as BPI, Globe, and Ayala. You can also go for the big guns by investing in technology giants such as Google, Apple and Samsung. 

Sounds easy peasy, right? GInvest provides access to expertly managed funds with ATRAM Trust Corporation, the leading independent asset manager in the country, and Seedbox Philippines, a company which has introduced digitized investing in the Philippines. This means you can chill knowing that your money is in the hands of certified finance experts. 

A lot of people may be strapped for cash amid the ongoing pandemic, but you have to think long term. After all, you won’t grow a fortune and live the life you’ve always wanted overnight. It’ll take some time, but the possibilities are endless with GInvest.


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