The Best Harness Type for Your Special Pal

Though pet harnesses may all look the same, they’re actually not.

Each harness has a special function that can help make your dog walks easier and more comfortable, for both you and Fido. Choosing a harness is a bit overwhelming, so we compiled a list of all the basic things you need to know. Read on to find which type suits you best!



Probably one of the most common harnesses you’ll see, the back-clip has a ring at the back of the harness for leashes to connect to. These types of harnesses are good for smaller dogs and are easier to put on. They also decrease pressure on the trachea, making it more comfortable for your pet to walk in.

The Best Harness Type for Your Special Pal
Photo from The Happy Puppy Site

Though if you’ve got an especially strong dog, this harness will make it pretty easy for him to drag you along.


For these types of harnesses, the leash is clipped to the front of the dog’s chest. This gives you way better control over your pooch because the placement of the clip makes it more difficult for your dog to pull you around.

idc front control y belt on dog
Photo from Julius K9

The only con with this harness, however, is that the leash gets easily tangled around your buddy’s legs. It also can cause chafing if it isn’t adjusted properly.


Commonly used by dog trainers, the dual-clip has clips for the leash at the front and the back of the harness. As expected, the presence of two clips will give you the best control over your dog, allowing for the best walking experience.

Harness Combo Dune 9935MW 2
Photo from Best Friends Animal Society

Get your pockets ready though, because these harnesses can get pretty pricey.



Best dog harness

Stylish and comfortable, we see these vest-type harnesses often on smaller pups. They’re mostly padded, which reduces the chance of chafing, and can be clipped or velcroed closed. These harnesses are pretty diverse and can come in the back-clip, front-clip, or dual-clip type.


cc personalized step in harness2 1024x683 1
Photo from Dog IDs

You might get confused when you first encounter this type of harness. You’re supposed to leave it on the floor and have your pet step into the first two holes. Pull up both sides and clip the attachment at your dog’s back. This will most likely be a back-clip type harness.

Roman harness

s405028350631001949 p107 i25 w2560
Photo from Fearless Pet

Got a playful dog? The Roman harness is pretty good at keeping escape artists from shimmying out of your reach. They’re first slipped over your pet’s head. After, your pet will step in one part and the rest of the harness will be clipped at the back.

In short, there are many great harnesses that you can buy for your pet. Important notes to consider are your best bud’s weight, size, walking behavior, and comfort.

Once you try out the perfect harness, taking walks with your special pal will never be easier!

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