The Best Indoor Plants for Condo Dwellers

It can be hard to live out your plantita dreams when you live in a condo that gets little to no light. Condo residents may often find their plant babies wilting or yellowing due to unfavorable conditions like low light, inadequate space, and varying temperatures.

The Best Indoor Plants for Condo Dwellers
Photo from Tree Hugger

But have no fear, condo dwellers, because there is also a long list of plants that thrive well in condo conditions. Here’s a list of the easiest plants you can take on if you’re living in a small space!

Spider plant

spider plant 1
Photo from My Garden Forest

Spider plants are one of the most popular plants for plant parents because it’s actually almost hard to kill. You’ll find that the striped green plant can survive for days even if it’s overwatered or underwatered. Plus, it’s even safe for pets!

Snake plant

Snakeplant indoors
Photo from Anderson’s

The snake plant is the best greenery for areas with medium to bright light and only needs water occasionally. It’s a relatively low maintenance plant for even the most novice of caretakers. Place this tough, long-leafed plant in your room, on your desk, or even your kitchen. They belong everywhere!


pothos houseplant indoors 1580934784552
Photo from Green Matters

A plant staple for plantitas across the Metro, the pothos plant is as versatile as it gets. The air-purifying vine plant can be hung on baskets or displayed in glass vases, tying your room together as the perfect décor. It can survive in bright, indirect sunlight and can also cut off impurities like formaldehyde.

Peace lily

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Photo from My Domaine

Another air-purifying wonder, the peace lily neutralizes toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, making for a beautiful edition to your condo home. It also requires little maintenance, thriving mainly in shaded or partially shaded areas. Clear a place for this plant in the corner of your living room or bedroom! Keep it away though from pets and small children; it’s mildly toxic.

Any succulent

indoor plants for condos and apartments compressed 1024x683 1
Photo from Livabl

Easily the most resilient indoor houseplant, cacti are able to survive even the harshest of conditions. Though that doesn’t mean you should neglect it. Make sure to water your prickly companion once or twice a month and place it in an area that gets sunshine every once in a while.

Don’t let your living arrangements stop you from caring for all these beautiful plants! These low-maintenance beauties are great décor pieces, natural air purifiers, and the best receivers for love and care.  

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