The Condo Dweller’s Guide to Modern Living

Because of Philippine traffic, it’s no wonder that more and more people are living in condos. Being in the center of it all helps you skip the hassle of travel and spend more time on the things that matter to you – but beware, because condo living can open up its own set of worries! Here are some things you should watch out for: 

Clean Dirt and Gunk from Places You Didn’t Know Existed 

You might think that your condo is all  clean, but wait until the langaw and baby ipis start invading your home! Dirt gather in places you would never expect to look when you’re living the condo life. Out-of-the-way spaces like stove vents, cabinets and aircon filters are common breeding grounds for pests and itsy-bitsies, and they’re often too difficult for the average condo dweller to clean himself.

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If you don’t have the time, one easy way to deal with this is to hire the help of an expert.’s cleaning services ensures that your clean is sparkly clean in a few hours. Their staff is equipped with the skills and equipment to cover every inch or your home and ensure that no corner is left unchecked. To try them out, simply just download the GoodWork app on the Playstore or the App Store!

Clean Out your A/C at Least Twice a Year

We can’t stress how important cleaning your A/C is enough. Aside from harboring pests, a dirty airconditioner could cost you thousands more every year if you let the dirt buildup continue. A/C cleaning specialists know this more than anyone, and they can bring their expertise to your home.

Deal with Cooking Smells using Coal

Living in the city can be heavy on the wallet so it’s recommended to cook in rather than eat out. In a condo, your stove and living room might almost be one and the same, so make sure to manage the nasty odors from cooking your sisig and daing by laying down some coal.

Manage Your Next-Wall Neighbors with Ease

A unique problem with condo living is dealing with noisy neighbors, or worse – being the noisy neighbor! Aside from keeping the volume down, it might be a good idea to place wall stoppers to keep your doors from banging into walls and rubber pads on your dining chair legs to stop them from keeping residents on the floor below you awake.

Install Shelves to Your Walls

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Don’t get us wrong – we like that our condos are cozy, but there’s such a thing as too cozy! Carve out more space for yourself by installing shelves for your stuff to keep them from cluttering your place. Bonus points if you use adhesive hooks for even more storage. 

Make Sure You Get Some Alone Time

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