The Key to a Stellar Job Interview

Job interviews are one of the more difficult, nerve-wracking things we’ve had to do in life. The pressure of looking presentable and seeming knowledgeable, all while knowing that your source of livelihood is on the line, is like nothing else.

That’s why it would do you good to check out a couple tips on how to ace your job interview. It actually might make a difference in your life!

Obviously, PREPARE!

Many people prepare without really considering what they’re preparing for. When we say prepare, we mean that you should have the company’s mission and vision down pat, your resume memorized to heart, and your answers to possible interview questions rehearsed.

The Key to a Stellar Job Interview
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HR recruiters can definitely tell the difference between a candidate who took the time to prepare for the interview vs. one who checked out the website 10 minutes beforehand. While you don’t have to sound like a total robot with perfectly memorized lines, it’s better to come off confident in the knowledge that you’ve accumulated in your experiences and to show the interviewer that you will bring this preparedness to your job role. 

Know the do’s and don’ts

There are certain interview do’s and don’ts that everyone should be aware of. It’s your responsibility to take the time to Google them and take note. For example, always bring a pen. Don’t lie on your resume. Have a list of questions prepared. Definitely do not trash talk past employers and co-workers. Try to have good eye contact, and so on and so forth.

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While these tips sound like common knowledge, it’s still good to mind them because you never know what your employer will be watching out for.

Relax, be yourself

It’s easy to tell another person to relax right before they make a big move. But in actuality, many applicants should realize that the interview is basically just a way for the company to see if you’re a good fit for the job and their company culture. 

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As much as you feel that it’s scary to be sitting in that chair, remember that getting an interview in the first place is already a good sign. Show the interviewer that your skills go beyond paper and let your personality shine.

Know what you’re there for

Probably the most important tip, it’s absolutely crucial that you walk into the interview room and job position knowing what you are applying for. This doesn’t just mean knowing the specific job role; it also means that you should understand what exactly a job is.

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You are essentially getting paid to offer your skills to a company that ideally matches your values. If, during the interview, you feel that the job is not what you thought it was or that you could potentially be mistreated, don’t take it. There will always be other jobs that are worth your time and effort without the sacrifice of your values or self-respect.

In the end, it’s just a job interview! Research well, prepare well, and do your best to show why you’re the one for the job. If it doesn’t work out, then it just wasn’t the job for you.


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