This COVID-themed Slam Book is Brimming with Bestie Vibes

Slam books have become a thing of the past now that almost everyone has a social media account. And with the resurgence of Y2K fashion, one of our favorite childhood pastimes is also making a comeback. An interior design student created a pandemic-themed slam book template for her Web Design finals and it’s nothing short of nostalgia.

What is a Slam Book?

If you were born in the age of the internet, you probably never got to experience the joy of filling up a slam book. It’s basically a notebook that gets passed around among friends where you handwrite your personal profile. There were certain questions you had to answer and some of them were quite silly. Half the fun was decorating your page and reading what other people wrote on theirs.

COVID-themed Slam Book Templates

PG Fermin is a Filipino Information Design student who likes to journal and draw. She created slam book templates for one of her classes and shared the design on her account. There are 3 templates in total and are available in PDF and PNG format. You can share them with your friends or use them to keep a record of what you’ve been up to in quarantine.

This COVID-themed Slam Book is Brimming with Bestie Vibes

Bestie Vibes

The templates come in the cutest pastel colors and there’s even a handwritten version for easy customization. Get creative with coloring on the page and fill in the about you section with all the things you love in lockdown, then answer questions about love and life on the next. Send the template to your friends and compile the pages to create a digital slam book for keepsake.


Download the templates here and save them for future reference. It would be amusing to see how much your perception and life have changed when you look back at your answers a few years later.


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