This is How You Set Boundaries with Your Boss

This is How You Set Boundaries with Your Boss
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While it’s important to perform to the best of your abilities at your job, it’s equally important to set boundaries between your professional and work life. Research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that control over work-life boundaries creates a crucial buffer in order for you to manage after-hours work stress.

That’s why you need to learn to set boundaries with your boss. You’ll be able to work smarter, avoid burnout and feel like you have control over your career. As per Forbes Magazine, here are ways to get started today:

  1. Prioritize your values. You need to ask yourself what you need to protect your happiness at work. Observe times wherein you feel overwhelmed or stressed. If you feel any resentment or guilt, a boundary has been crossed.
  1. Communicate with clarity. Once you’ve identified your values and priorities, communicate them to your boss often and clearly. This could be as simple as letting your boss know you’re not answering e-mails or messages after 9 PM. 
  1. Prepare for some negotiation. Renegotiating your responsibilities or position has become more common nowadays. When your boss turns over to you another project, you need to clarify why they want it done. By doing this, you avoid reacting based on your emotions and engage in matters rationally. Basically, you can send boundaries by presenting feasible solutions and focusing on finding ways you both win. 
  1. Approach with positivity. You need to frame your responses in a positive light. Express yourself in a way that would make it relevant to your company or manager vis-a-vis making it about you. 
  1. Expect some pushback. Having someone violate your boundaries is inevitable, unfortunately. You need to prepare yourself by deciding how you plan to handle that situation in advance. 

Setting boundaries with your boss will not be easy. The truth is that it will take some time and practice. As with anything in life, it’s a learning process, but you will be happier altogether once you find your balance. 


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