This website turns your handwriting to a font so you can flaunt it every time

glenn carstens peters RLw UC03Gwc unsplash
(Image: Unsplash)

School’s back, and this time, we’re going digital, which means there’s going to be a lot of typing on devices instead of taking down notes like we used to.

For stationery fans, this is a bummer: besides the fact that taking handwritten notes has been proven to help with information retention, there’s also something sentimental about jotting down your notes in your own style. 

Here’s a healthy middle ground: Calligraphr, a nifty note-taking website that turns your handwriting into a ready-to-use font type. Technically, it’s been around for quite some time, but thanks to a student’s post, it’s making the rounds again, and for one good reason: it saves students tons of time repeatedly looking down at their notes then looking up to their computer monitor.

How does it do it? First, download their alphabet and number template, fill it out (be as creative as possible!), scan it, and your handwriting is ready to be used for practically everything. Use it to type school notes, devise coded messages, or write love letters — with less the effort, rejection wouldn’t hurt much.

If you’re curious how you can turn your illegible handwriting into something of an art, check out the Calligraphr website and do a quick test for yourself!


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