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Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever had a scary feeling that you were awake while you were sleeping? There’s suddenly a huge pressure on your chest, but you can’t move; you may even start seeing shadows or figures lurking about in your room.

Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Sleep Paralysis
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We know it’s frightening, but don’t worry, you’re most likely not being possessed. What you’re experiencing is sleep paralysis, and surprisingly, a lot of people go through it.

When a person undergoes sleep paralysis, their brain is essentially awake but their body is not. It can cause hallucinations and feelings of terror, but there are ways to prevent it. Here are our tips and tricks for dealing with sleep paralysis.

Establish a regular sleep routine

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Sleeping at random hours, or not sleeping at all, can definitely affect your chances of experiencing sleep paralysis. To avoid this, you should always make sure to keep a healthy routine and refrain from causing too much variation in your sleep schedule. Doing so will keep you more relaxed and well rested, lessening your chances of sleep paralysis.

Cut the stress

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It’s not a secret that stress can greatly affect our sleeping patterns. The negative feelings and pressure that stress brings on can translate later to our dreams or subconscious, making for scarier sleep paralysis experiences. As such, know when to take a break and take part in some hobbies or relaxing activities that will help you reduce the stress in your life. Your sleep quality will greatly improve!

Prepare yourself in case of an episode

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If you experience sleep paralysis often, then you should already be equipped with a couple tips on how to get through the ordeal. When you feel sleep paralysis coming on, instead of panicking and trying to move all at once, experts suggest to start from the extremities. Focus on wiggling a finger or toe to disrupt the experience. You should also prepare affirmative statements before you go to sleep, like “This won’t hurt me” or “I will wake up,” to assure yourself that what you are experiencing is not real.

Get healthy

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A strong body goes hand in hand with a strong mind. Eat healthy, exercise often, and don’t forget to meditate. When you wind down and strengthen your body, you are less likely to experience the effects of sleep paralysis. It’s all about taking care of yourself!


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