Tips for Your Child’s Online Learning Experience

Online learning has taken over the course of education as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. What was once deemed the “new normal” is the real-life reality for many students across the world who have yet to attend physical classes for health and safety reasons.

Subsequently, millions of parents became pseudo-teachers who struggled to help their children learn through online classes. If you fall under this category, consider the following tips for a more productive classroom.

Establish set rules and schedules

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As much as possible, online learning should imitate real-life school in terms of rules and schedules. You need to make it clear to your kid that there’s a time for play and a time for class. Let them know that you start and end at certain times and that specific things are not allowed while they’re “in class”. If you stay lax on rules and schedules, it can be hard for your child to develop a proper routine for learning. The worst thing that could happen is that they could fall behind.

Get rid of extra distractions

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Working from home and learning from home are the same in that there are many, many distractions. Some are intentional, and others aren’t. Help out your child as much as you can by getting rid of distractions you can control. That may mean putting away the cellphone, tablet, and gaming advices, as well as turning off the TV.

Give breaks

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Most children can’t sit still for five minutes, much less six hours. Even without common distractions, they’ll still find a way to zone out. To avoid this and to prevent burnout from your child, make sure to give them well-timed and spaced out breaks. During these breaks, allow them to grab a snack or play a quick game. They’ll serve as good tools that’ll help keep your little student focused on the next task.

Test out what works best

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Some kids will do better with many short breaks before a task, while others will perform well when there’s only one long break. The point is, each child has different learning needs and behaviors and it’s up to you as a parent to discern which methods work the best. Keep testing out different techniques to see where your child is the most comfortable and efficient. Once you establish a good routine, smoother sailing is guaranteed.


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And lastly, reward! Distance learning isn’t easy for anyone, and your child is probably having a harder time than they let on. When they successfully complete tasks, or even just finish the school day, reward them with a nice snack or some play time. This will help keep them motivated and will also make them feel appreciated for all their efforts.

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