Tips to disinfect the home workspace — because wiping isn’t enough!

Working from home has been the practice of more and more companies here and abroad. It’s deemed to be efficient and less stressful than sitting down in a cramped up cubicle only to bring more work upon time out. This is why work spaces at home are given the most priority now more than ever.

It’s true that one can work best in a tidy and well-organized area. There are even inspirations for your desks at home to help boost productivity. Although these tips can be significant, making sure that your workspace is 100% safe from any kind of harm should be a prime concern.

The common misconception about cleaning is that it helps to eliminate germs and viruses. Wiping off dirt with a damp towel won’t do much. Believe it or not, your desk can accumulate 400 times more germs than your bathroom. A regular office desk can hold viruses longer than you know so it’s indeed advisable to enforce frequent cleaning, especially during this season.

Going on a grocery run for insecticides, disinfectants and other products is a must nowadays. Once you have these in-store, it’s easier to train yourself to clean up diligently as you go on.

Make sure you buy the 70% solution (left) and not the 40% solution (right)


The simplest way to prevent the passing of germs and viruses is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps. Applying 70% alcohol thereafter is advisable as well. This way, transferring germs and human viruses can be prevented altogether.

Disinfect with germicides

Now that you’re all sanitized, you can start with your mouse and keyboard. Using germicides such as detergents, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol are a few effective solutions against human viruses. Add a tablespoon of one of the aforementioned to 4 cups of water and apply this to surfaces using a cloth. Leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing. Another alternative is a household favorite found in the kitchen–white vinegar. This mixture is proven to rid surfaces of bacteria due to its high acidity level. Not only is it chemical-free, but it’s likewise cheaper than other cleaners in the market.

Do the same with other items like pens, lamp, mobile phones, printer and the computer screen. These can be cleaned once or twice a week depending on the usage. If your mobile phone uses a plastic case, remove it once in a while and wash it with soap in the sink.

Repeat cycle

Maintenance is key. Find a space within reach to store cleaning products for easy access. They can be under your desk, near your bathroom door, or inside the closet where they can fit right in. Make this your routine while you’re working from home. It can seem tedious at first but it’s actually minimal effort to prevent any serious illness within your home.

There’s no other way to keep work surroundings clean by committing to sanitize and disinfect religiously. These measures are in fact elementary however observed only to a certain extent. Regardless of the reasons, it is important to note that your personal workspace reflects your accomplishments so you might as well keep it clean and orderly, and 100% germ-free.

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