Top Tips for First-Time Kitten Owners

Top Tips for First-Time Kitten Owners

When you introduce a new kitten into the home, it can feel like an entirely different experience. Any baby pet is sure to come with a lot of hardships and struggle, so we made a short list of some things you need to know.

New kitten owners should…

Go shopping

Top Tips for First-Time Kitten Owners

Kittens are babies and babies need a lot of things! We’re talking litterboxes, toys, blankets, brushes, food, beds — the whole shebang. These tools were made to make your life and the kitten’s more convenient and comfortable. Scratching posts and interactive toys, especially, can help your kitten release pent up energy and will mean less destruction in the house.

Schedule vet appointments

Vet appointments are extremely important for young animals. Vaccinations for feline leukemia, rabies, and distemper are all the usual shots that your kitten should be getting at around 8 weeks of age and up. Other things to look out for are worms and intestinal parasites. Frequent vet checks can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Prepare the home

Kittens are extremely playful creatures that can and will get into anything. That’s why it’s important to “kitten-proof” your home to prevent any accidents and injuries. Place toxic plants at high levels, hide power cords and wires, and make sure all your doors and windows are shut so that your kitten stays safe and healthy.

Socialize them well

Lack of proper socialization can actually make for pretty nervous and skittish adult cats. While they’re young, try to (safely) expose your kitten to friends, family, other pets, and even leashes and carriers for a more relaxed, better-adjusted kitty.

Keep patience

As with any other new pet, kittens need time and patience to adjust to their new home environment. If you’ve got kids, try not to let them manhandle the kittens so much. If you’ve got a large living area, introduce the kitten to each room gradually. Forming a bond with your pet will take some time, but it will happen!


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