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Use Aloe Vera for Things Other Than Skincare

For those with dry skin types, aloe vera is considered a holy grail due to the hydration it provides. Aside from being a great ingredient to add to your regular skincare routine, it’s also commonly used as a home remedy for cuts and sunburn. This soothing succulent isn’t limited to these, though, as it has many more uses.

As a Houseplant

Because it’s a low-maintenance plant, it’s great for beginners who want to put their green thumb to the test. All it needs is occasional watering and indirect sunlight to thrive indoors. They’re practical to grow at home which makes it more than a pretty décor item.

As an Anti-Inflammatory Gel

Take advantage of aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties to moisturize and soothe skin. Opening the plant’s leaf reveals a gel that ancient people use to heal wounds. It can also be used for “a range of conditions, from acne to eczema, psoriasis, and many more skin conditions,” as mentioned by Heather Florio on Who What Wear.

As a Drink

Because it’s rich in vitamins and minerals like B1, B2, C, E, magnesium, calcium, and zinc, there are benefits to drinking this. Stay hydrated from the inside out and boost your immune system thanks to the anti-oxidants. While it’s not advisable to orally consume raw aloe vera, you can refresh yourself with pre-bottled aloe water or juice.

As a Hair Product

Lathering pure aloe vera gel or products containing aloe vera extracts can do wonders for your hair and scalp. The proteolytic enzymes in the plant work on repairing the dead skin cells, promoting hair growth, moisturizing the scalp, and alleviating dandruff when applied frequently. That’s not all — leave it on as a conditioner or hair mask to achieve smooth and shiny hair.

It would be a shame not to maximize the benefits of the aloe vera plant. Even if skincare is not a concern, it’s still convenient to have such a multi-purpose product on hand.

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