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Valentine’s Day Activities for the Single

No hubby this year? No problem.

Valentine’s Day is all about love so who says you can’t spend that day loving and doting on yourself?

This year, we’ve got some Valentine’s Day activities for those who are looking to go it out alone (or with other single friends).

Bake goodies for your loved ones

Hearts day is about sharing love with others, so this is the perfect chance to try out that new recipe you’ve been thinking about. Wrap it in cute boxes or place it in Tupperware and send it out to all your family and friends! Whether or not what you made actually tastes good, it’s the thought that you thought of them that makes it absolutely lovely.

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Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Make Valentine’s cards for the local children’s hospital

If you’re crafty and got a lot of time on your hands, why not send some Valentine’s cards to put a smile on kids’ faces? Make it a group activity with your other crafty friends and put tons of glitter and funny faces. Send the finished cards to the nearest hospital that will accept them and feel great about the good day’s work.

*TIP: You can send to anyone you think would love it. Try senior homes and orphanages as well!

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Volunteer at an organization of your choice

Now’s the time to volunteer at that one place you’ve been eyeing for so long. You’ve got no excuses, so get up and get going. This can be anything from your local dog shelter to the local elementary school. Maybe bring a friend or two, or go alone — what matters is that you show up.

Pawssion Project shelter in Bulacan

Have a date with your parents

No one loves you more than mom and pops. Be a good kid and stay home for the night and maybe even cook dinner for them so you can catch up and share all the stories that get past us during the busy workweek. You can maybe sneak in a family movie or two after, or spend the night with a couple of drinks. The main point is to ensure you get that quality time in with the people that love you the most.

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Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Enjoy cozy night in

You can do this activity with your friends or without, but there’s nothing that feels better than lying down on your couch watching your favorite movies over and over again. Get in your fancy jammies, order the best take-out, and switch on your TV; this is truly the time to enjoy yourself and your interests without anyone else in mind.

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Photo from YIWI

So while V-day might sound like a lonely event for all the “singles” out there, it can actually be a great day to share the love with people other than your significant other.

Take the time to realize why you love yourself and why you want to spend your day spreading that love to those who need it. It’s a great day, people!

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