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Valentine’s Gift Ideas Your Significant Other Will Appreciate if You’re Long Distance

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is lucky enough to be with their loved ones on this day of romance. Thankfully, long-distance doesn’t have to stop you from giving gifts. Presents are far from the most important thing, but the thought you put into it that shows you care and know what they want or need can mean the world. Here are some gift ideas that aren’t just chocolates and flowers that your long-distance S.O. will love. 

Body Pillows or Weighted Blankets

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Did you two go long-distance after getting used to sleeping in the same bed or countless cuddle sessions? If so, chances are your significant other misses having someone to hold when they hit the hay. These can’t replace the real thing, but the added tactile comfort of having something to wrap yourself around or feeling that extra weight and warmth can do wonders when you’re missing someone. 

Supplies for a Hobby You Can Do Together

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It’s normal to constantly be looking for hobbies you can start together to feel closer. So, if you’re planning to go on virtual dates where you just do that hobby together, then this gift is perfect. Whether it’s a set of baking supplies for when you two learn how to make pastries together or art materials so that you two can pick up painting, they’re sure to appreciate it.

Homemade Food

Go beyond the standard chocolate and sweets everyone gives on this holiday. If you can ship food to them fast enough that it won’t spoil on the way, why not cook them their favorite dish? Or something significant like something you had on your first date or what you two ate the last time you were together. 

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Mini Phone Tripod Stand

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This one may be more practical than sentimental, but this tool is the perfect gift that will allow your partner to go hands-free during your video calls. It’s not exactly the most romantic on paper, but when it starts to make those virtual dinner dates hassle-free or lets them easily talk to you while doing other tasks as they would when you’re together, both of you will be thankful you made the purchase. 

A Care Package

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If you think the holiday without you will be hard on them, send them a package full of things that will cheer them up even though you can’t be together. Fill it with snacks, small trinkets that show them you’re thinking of them, and maybe even self-care products that will encourage them to pamper themselves and relax.

Everyday Notes

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These “Open When ___ ” gifts can be cheesy, but when you’re long-distance, every piece of affirmation or affection from your partner can go a long way. Put a bunch of handwritten notes in a container so that they can pick and read one out whenever they miss you or feeling down. From romantic and comforting messages to funny jokes and anecdotes that will cheer them up, having them at the ready will make their day a bit brighter. You can even print and add in QR codes that lead to songs that remind you of them or videos that’ll get them laughing!


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