Want to start investing? GInvest makes investing easy for beginners!

Investing seems like a daunting task but sometimes it’s the best option if you want a passive way to grow your funds. While there are high-interest savings accounts, there’s mostly good for protecting your money from inflation. If you really want to grow your money for your short-term and long-term goals, then investing is something you should try at least once. 

There are risks to investing and different steps you need to take depending on what you decide to invest in, so these two combined make your average Filipino hesitate to start. 

But if you remove the barrier of complicated steps to get started and offer low-risk options, then a lot more people will choose to invest. 

This is exactly what GCash has done. Now with simply a few taps on your phone, you can invest your money for as low as PHP 50 and watch your money grow!

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There are a number of funds you can choose from in GInvest and all of them are managed by ATRAM Trust Corporation (ATRAM Trust). Depending on the fund you choose, you can start with either P50 or P1,000. While the 1,000 is much higher than 50, that’s still small compared to the minimum required if you invest via other platforms. 

Before you start investing, you have to answer the Risk Profile Test in GInvest to know which fund is right for you. There are five funds in total and they have different risks and returns. 

The option with the lowest risk is the Money Market Funds (MMF). Since this is a conservative option, this is a good fund for short term savings. The return of this fund in the past year is 0.67%. While low, this is still higher than traditional banks. 

For a moderate risk rating, there’s the Total Return Peso Bond Fund. The return of this fund in the past year is 5.67%.

The Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund, on the other hand, has an aggressive risk rating while the return of this fund in the past year is 19.27%. You can invest in these three funds with only PHP 50 pesos. 

While the Global Consumer Trends Feeder Fund and the Global Technology Feeder Funds require you to start with PHP 1,000 instead of PHP 50, the past year returns of these two are much higher – 89.58% and 68.64% respectively. 

To see a step by step on how to navigate GCash to invest in GInvest, YouTuber Rae Julian posted a walkthrough. 

From conservative to aggressive, you can start with either P50 or P1,000. While these past year returns may be tempting, do take note that these rates aren’t guaranteed. Investment returns fluctuate and they depend on market price movements. 

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