Watch Study With Me Videos to Help Boost Productivity

Nothing is exciting about administrative work or studying. Sometimes you need a nudge of motivation or someone to hold you accountable before you act. If that’s the case, try tuning in to Study With Me videos on YouTube to help boost your productivity. It’s basically a virtual study session where you work with another person and focus on the task at hand.

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What is a Gong-Bang?

Gongbu Bangsong, or more commonly called Gong-bang translates as “study broadcast”. This trend has been around since 2018 and is popular among Korean students or young professionals working up the career ladder. These videos consist of people filming themselves as they type on their computers, flip through books, or write in notebooks. Some are live sessions, while others are pre-recorded and range anywhere from 2 to 12 hours with breaks in between.

Why are Viewers Interested in These Videos?

It might seem bizarre why anyone would want to watch someone else as they study or type away on their computers. Unlike other YouTube videos, these don’t serve entertainment purposes. They instead become study buddies who motivate others to study hard and help people stay focused on their work. On the other hand, those who make these videos can hold themselves accountable, knowing they are being watched.

How to Use Gong Bangs for Productivity?

Instead of procrastinating and watching another vlog, find a Study with Me video that you can play in the background. But don’t just sit there and watch the whole thing. Think of it as a virtual co-working space where you get to study with someone else. It’s not as distracting as studying with a friend in real life because you’re less likely to engage in random chatter.

Since the shift to online classes during the pandemic, there has been an increasing interest in study broadcasts. Hundreds of people tune in to these virtual study sessions as they try to overcome procrastination. It’s no different from studying at a coffee shop or a library where they’re motivated to get through their work.

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