As we grow older, we learn more about ourselves more than anything else. Our first taste of adulthood is filled with feelings of anxiousness, trepidation, and uneasiness. But it can also be an exciting and brand new time in our lives.

So as we navigate through one of the most confusing decades in our lifetime, let’s check out a couple lessons we can learn along the way.

Health is wealth — literally

Oftentimes, we think our young and healthy bodies are invincible and will last forever. But as the years pass, we’ll notice our bodies start to deteriorate (hello, back problems!). Not only that, but we will probably gain weight easier and feel tired more often.

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That’s why it’s important to start taking care of yourself now. Making sure to get the proper diet, exercise, and rest will save you many hospital trips and medication in the future. Staying in shape in your 20s will set the stage for a healthier and stronger body in the future.

You will lose a lot, but not the things that matter

You will find over the years that many of the friends you’ve held so close and the places you’ve loved dearly will eventually fade away into an earlier, more peaceful time in your life.

You will lose your beliefs, your favorite things, and favorite people as you change, and while that seems to be an incredibly sad realization, in the long run, these things won’t matter.

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Eventually, the loss of these things give way for new friends, beliefs, and favorite places to take place in our hearts. We can only thank our past selves and relationships for leading us along the way.

Things change so don’t be afraid to start all over again

Change is just the natural flow of life. For us to continue to grow and evolve as individuals, change is absolutely necessary. This means losing a lot and attempting to gain new things.

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It’s scary to face failure and rejection head on, but the reward of such risk means more experiences and lessons learned. If ever you stumble on your journey, don’t be afraid to start all over again. We’ve got the rest of our lives to keep changing and figuring things out, so there’s no shame in starting with a blank slate (for the hundredth time).

Life’s not gonna do itself

The majority of our lives have been relatively easy because we had no real responsibilities other than to go to school and make sure homework was done in time for class.

What makes adulthood hard is the sudden transition from that easy life to mounting bills, daily deadlines, and the seemingly thousands of things we have on our to-do lists. It takes a lot to see that life will do not do itself.

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We will still have to wake up every morning, do our own laundry, and wash the dishes. No one is going to do it for us. This sense of responsibility and ability to just do is what makes us adults.

And the faster we realize that, the faster we can get the ball rolling.

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