Where to Get Tattoos in Metro Manila

Get inked this weekend at a tattoo parlor near you! There are a lot of tattoo shops in the Metro and we’re here to show you where exactly they’re at. If you’re looking to get some art done on your skin, keep reading.

Arte Tattoo


With branches in Poblacion, Makati and San Fernando, Pampanga, Arte Tattoo is a special parlor that uses vegan ink on its valued customers. They believe that tattoos are a “form of healing meditation” and show it through various designs that feature intricate flowers and symbols of peace. Right now, they’ve got a buy 1, get 1 offer on tattoos and piercings, so don’t forget to check them out!

Good Hand Tattoo


Located in Pateros, Good Hand Tattoo boasts a number of diverse styles. From colorful animals to full-blown hannyas (or female demons), this shop can do it all. Their designs are good for those looking for more detail, or those wanting to build a tattoo sleeve. Have a peek at their page to see the best of their work.

Crimson River Tattoo


QC natives can take comfort in the fact that Crimson River Tattoo is just around the corner. This one-of-a-kind shop is led by all women, with each female artist specializing in different types of tattoos. Crimson River is a private studio with strict COVID-19 guidelines, so prepare well before you book your appointment.

Tattoo Nebula


Take a visit to Parañaque to experience Tattoo Nebula’s cruelty-free ink! Their artists can do anything from characters to famous artworks; they even offer hand-poked tattoos for thrill-seekers looking for a more unique experience. Make sure to check out the different artists on their Instagram highlights to find the best style for you.

SorryMa Tattoo


If you live in or around Mandaluyong, try and drop by SorryMa Tattoo. It’s a home studio that also uses vegan ink on its customers! For now, the shop is fully booked for the month of June, so you’ll have to wait until July to book your appointment.

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