Why Standing Desks Will Help With Your Productivity and Where You Can Buy Them

Humans aren’t meant to sit down all day and work on our desks, and our body recognizes this. If you sit down and work on your computer for too long, you’ll notice that you feel sore and that you need a bit of a stretch or walk to make it go away. 

And the more you sit, the more you’re at risk of health issues. Herniated discs, muscle degeneration, and weakened bones can also happen if you sit for too long. 

This is where standing desks can help. Standing desks improve your posture, and lessen the muscle strain in your shoulders, neck, and back. 

Another benefit is that standing desks are good for your productivity. This is especially helpful now that most of us are working from home. 

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When we’re standing, more of our body’s muscles are working. And since this increases blood flow to our brain, it can help you feel more focused and make you more productive. 

If you think it’s time to make the switch to standing desks, here are tried and tested brands in the Philippines:

True Vision 

Convert your regular office desk into a standing desk with a desktop riser! This one from True Vision is priced at PHP 5,990.00, and you can easily adjust its height with its handle. It has a sleek design so no need to worry about this taking up a lot of space in your home!


If you want a full-fledged table instead of a desktop riser, this one from FlexiSpot is the way to go. You can adjust its height with a touch of a button. It’s priced at PHP 14,500.00 but there are numerous discounts in store for you if you buy it from Lazada


If you want a desktop riser that you can easily bring anywhere, Stance’s portable standing desk is the perfect choice. When folded, this one looks like a binder notebook. It’s also priced at the low price of P1,890. Stance also has height-adjustable tables and adjustable desktop risers so you can weigh your options.

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