‘Work from Home’ apps to help you balance your life out!

Working from home may look easy and convenient, but really, that’s only in the beginning. A WFH setup tears down the final barrier or work / life balance — the pphysical office versus the home. So now that you’ve experienced it and you’re reading this article, then you’re probably not doing that well.

You didn’t realize that being at home and comfortable actually means having less motivation to work! You’re more prone to give in to distractions such as social media, cable tv, TikTok, and the kitchen.

Are you getting behind your workload? Do you need help to stay focused and productive? Here’s a list of apps to help keep you on your toes while working!



Notion is a productivity app that helps you specifically in organizing your files, schedule, workload, and tasks. This app is fully customizable to suit organizing/customizing needs. It’s relatively a way to make yourself feel like you got it together! And you actually do!

Google Calendar

google calendar

Everyone uses Gmail — but not everyone uses Google Calendar! You see, it is not just any calendar — it has customizable features designed to keep you on track . Gcal enables you to sync your task with your Gmail account. It ties directly to Google Meet as well if you schedule video conferences, so all you need to do is click on a meeting link to join via your desktop or phone.

Google Tasks

If you don’t like seeing too many tasks at once, Google Tasks is more suitable for you. This app enables you to list down your tasks, set a due date for it and cross it out once it’s done. Simple as that. What’s great about it? It’s also linked to your Google Calendar, so when you want to see your progress, you can see the crossed out tasks.



Can’t seem to get off your phone? Lock it with this app! You can set your desired time to stay focused. The app lets you “plant a tree” when you put it down, and if you press “give up”, it dies a virtual death (guilt trip!). Forest also lets you set background music to aid in your productivity so you can focus without having to pick up your phone. This gem is available on all platforms and can possibly soothe your nature loving self.

Spotify (Lo-Fi playlist and more!)

low fi hip hop

Spotify can be a companion for the home office because of the different curated playlists for focusing, concentration and relaxation:

Lo-Fi Playlist

Home Office Focus

Ambient Nature Noise

Japanese Jazz Cafe

Calming Acoustic


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