Work from Home: The Freelancer’s Equipment Guide

In the past few months, remote freelancing has become a vital part of more people’s lives. Without the structure that regular jobs offer, though, the setup can be quite daunting to navigate. I know I definitely struggle with the challenges of freelancing from time to time. So, here are some essentials that have made freelancing from the safety of my home easier

Stable Internet Connection

For remote freelancing, having Wi-Fi installed was definitely a necessary investment I couldn’t skip out on. Remote work means clients and employers need a way to communicate (from messaging to video calls) with you, send you files, or give you access to databases. There’s no one answer to what kind of internet to get, so you’ll have to decide what speed and features you’ll need to do your job without a hitch.

Necessary Gadgets

This is an obvious non-negotiable. As a writer, having my laptop and smartphone are enough to complete my deliverables and remain reachable. However, the gadgets that you’ll need vary depending on what kind of freelancer you are. Having access to gadgets your job requires while at home, whether it’s just a laptop, a full desktop setup, or something else entirely, is always the first step.

Designated Workspace

No, I’m not saying that you need to have a home office. It’s just that I’ve found that remote jobs without a set schedule can blur the lines between work and personal time. So, it’s important for your productivity and mental health to work in a space that you don’t associate with rest or leisure. Even if all you can do is dedicate a particular corner of your bedroom or studio apartment for just work, the adjustment can already work wonders

A Variety of Online Payment Options 

Being able to accommodate a variety of online payment options has helped make sure I don’t encounter any difficulties with getting paid. This was especially true for jobs from foreign clients that required me to use options that allow international transactions. Some clients won’t even hire you unless you accept payments using their platform of choice, so having different options (even if it’s a single bank account connected to several payment apps) is crucial. 

An Organization System

As a freelancer, I usually deal with several jobs from different clients at a As a freelancer, I usually deal with several jobs from different clients at a time, which can be overwhelming. So, I’ll have to map out everything I need to have done per week, list down tasks I need to do for each project, and create a work schedule surrounding that. Of course, organizing is different for everyone, so create a system that works for you! If you’re having trouble, start out by using organization tools like Trello, Evernote, or even just Google Calendar.


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