There are numerous benefits to yoga. It can help you manage stress, improve balance and flexibility, make you feel relaxed, and even help you fart! Because yoga aids in relaxation, certain poses can help you pass gas. 

Feeling bloated can be annoying and uncomfortable, so stop trying to hold that fart in and start trying the yoga poses below!

Child’s Pose 

Since Child’s Pose relaxes your lower back and hips, this will help you let out the trapped gas. While doing this pose, allow your belly to feel heavy on your thighs so you can put gentle pressure to this area. 

Wind Relieving Pose 

The name of this pose claims that it will help you relieve your fart, so this is definitely a must-try if you’re feeling a little gassy. Start by holding your knees to your chest for about 20 seconds and then increase it from there. 

Happy Baby Pose 

As the name suggests, this pose is similar to what a happy baby does. The Happy Baby helps stretches the inner groin and lower back to help relieve gas. Press your hands into your feet to really get the gas flowing. 

Seated Forward Bend Pose

By bending forward from the hips, you can massage your internal organs. This in turn helps in improving digestion so keep trying to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds per set. 

Do remember to practice deep breathing while doing the poses above so you can better let out that trapped gas. 

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Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

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