After Mayor Gatchalian’s order, passing by these NLEX toll gates are free, for now

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Image: Valenzuela City PIO

Mayor Rex made true of his promise, and motorists are that much more grateful to him for it.

On Monday afternoon, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian suspended the business permit of NLEX Corporation after the toll operator failed to fix its mandatory Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) system, which has caused massive gridlocks all throughout the city.

Because of the suspension order, toll booths located within Valenzuela City have entered an indefinite “toll holiday.” This means they are not authorized to collect any fees from motorists and their barriers must stay lifted up for cars to freely pass through.

So which toll gates are waiving toll fees, exactly? Here’s a guide, care of Valenzuela City’s Public Information Office:

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Following the abrupt announcement of a “toll holiday,” Valenzuela City saw a massive improvement in the traffic situation, especially along roads leading towards these toll interchanges. Motorists are appreciative too, considering Valenzuela City is the primary gateway for drivers and commuters coming from the north.

How long this toll holiday will last is up in the air, but Mayor Gatchalian has made clear his three conditions for restoring NLEX Corporation’s permit to operate. 

First, the toll operator must own up to their oversight, assume accountability for the lapses in their mandatory RFID system, and apologize to the public for the inconvenience it has caused; second, it must offer concessions and reparations to the general public through implementing a sanctioned “toll holiday”; and lastly, it must leave their barriers lifted to ease traffic until NLEX Corporation comes up with a feasible and actionable solution.

Until then, enjoy passing by these Valenzuela tolls with ease, folks! 

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