Are You Okay: Partying With The Depressed And Well-Dressed

This party collective provides a safe space for queers and their allies!

Have you ever wanted to connect with like-minded people? Or meet other queers at parties without the fear of judgment or harassment? Are You Okay? has got your back.

When we say: “Are You Okay?” you say: “Hell no!” Why? Because deep inside, we know we aren’t okay. That’s why we’re partying. That’s why we continue to fill the void with alcohol and people. Wait, is that too dark? Sorry, not sorry.

What is Are You Okay?

‘Are You Okay?’ is a party collective. It’s a party that doesn’t have a permanent venue. The people behind it go from bar to bar. But this isn’t a regular party. Each party has a theme that allows people to show who they are.

A lot of the time, their themes go with a trend that paints them as the “disregarded,” “not allowed,” or “overlooked.” That’s something many queers are familiar with. It’s also why this collective is a safe space for everyone.

“We promote freedom of expression through our weekly themes and dress codes. Not to hinder, but to encourage creativity,” said The Ulterior Motif. (They’re the founders of this collective.)

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Meet The Ulterior Motif!

The world is a dangerous place, especially for the queer community. Discrimination is one of the many things they face, even at the party scene. But partying should be fun. That’s why Are You Okay? started. They wanted to allow people to express themselves in a safe space.

How did it start?

The collective began in March 2022. It started with a group of friends who often came across sad people at parties. These people were sad because they faced discrimination or harassment. The collective’s name came from what the founders would ask: “Are you okay?”

As more people found out about it, it grew and grew. Every week, The Ulterior Motif hosts a party at different bars. Guests must dress according to the theme to set themselves apart. There are a lot of bars that don’t allow partygoers to dress according to their gender expression. This party aims to end that.

Are You Okay? works with the venues to provide a safe space for guests. Security is their number one priority. If you were to find yourself at one of their parties, you must be respectful and have fun.

Walk-ins have to pay a fee. If you got on the guest list but were not ready to party with liberated people, you’d be better off somewhere else. Are You Okay? is an all-inclusive party. But bigots and the like will not be tolerated.

The next Are You Okay? party

During our interview with The Ulterior Motif, they told us the next party is this Friday. So if you want to experience an Are You Okay? party, make sure you’re free on September 9. You won’t regret it.

They also told us the next party’s theme is “Banned From Prom.” So if you have an outfit you weren’t allowed to wear to prom, now you can. For instance, if you’re a transwoman who was barred from wearing a dress, now’s your time to shine.

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If you have any questions about the event, send a DM to its Instagram. The people running it are very friendly, don’t worry. If you decide to come, bring your best self and don’t be afraid to show it off.

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