At P89,000, you can now own a tiny modern house

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a PH-based company that offers budget-friendly houses.

If you’re dreaming of having your own house but is tight on the budget, CUBO Modular has the perfect solution to your problem because you can finally have a modern roof over your head for as low as P89,000. Say what?!

According to its website, CUBO is a modular housing solution designed to give low-income earning Filipinos dignified homes for a reasonable price but with great value.

Well, 89,000 isn’t exactly the kind of amount “low-income workers” in the Philippines would easily shell out, but it’s definitely worth the investment in the long run.

CUBO is a groundbreaker for a reason. In just a matter of 4 hours, you can have a full 14.5 sq. m. module built for you! Now, that’s fast. It’s like you’re trying to assemble an IKEA furniture, only much, much bigger. But if you’re looking for a sizeable space, you also have the option to “infinitely” scale it by customizing your floor plan!

With spaces ranging from 6.5 square meters to 63.5 square to choose from, Filipinos can finally own a house starting at P89,000, with the most expensive priced at P499,000.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel’s Migs Bustos, two of the minds behind the company – Earl Patrick Forlales and Zahra Halabisaz Zanjani – talked more about the housing solution.

As it turns out, CUBO is compliant with the International Residential Code and manufactures homes that are resilient to natural disasters such as typhoons earthquakes. Did we just hear you say “powerfully built”? Say no more!

Zanjani, said she’s happy more are taking notice of proudly Filipino-made dignified homes which pays tribute to the traditional Bahay Kubo upgraded to fit the 21st century way of living.

But what sets CUBO apart is it’s sustainable and eco-friendly at the same time. For one, it uses engineered bamboo in manufacturing its modular houses. Secondly, they plant bamboo trees not just for manufacturing purposes, but also to help the environment by reducing the carbon emissions in the Philippines.

So far, CUBO has successfully installed a modular house in Mandaluyong and has already ordered seven other homes this year, with three to set to be built in areas such as Quezon City, Pampanga, and Marinduque.


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