Be Summer-Ready With These 7 Condo Maintenance Tips

The heat is on in just a few months time. While it may be tempting to resort to a nearby fully-blasted air conditioned mall or take an out-of-town trip to the beach, keeping cool at home is the first step to surviving the season’s heat. 

Before summer arrives, here is a housekeeping checklist for every condominium owner. Keep reading these tips to avoid the season meltdown!

Always consider room size and air condition unit

Before you question why the room isn’t getting cold enough, do consider the size of your condo and your AC unit’s horsepower requirement. Typically, small-scale window-type units which run at .5 horsepower are fit for rooms within the range of 30-50 sqm. Rooms at around 100 sqm will require a larger window-type inverter. 

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Deep clean your interiors

It’s always challenging when it’s time to tidy up. With all the accumulated dust on your furniture, carpets, and all throughout the house, it might take you too much time to spiffy the whole place up – and can be even more tedious in this heat. It’s best to opt for a deep cleaning service to keep things neat for a longer while with less after-care.

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Set up insulated curtains

The perfect AC unit + insulated curtains = the ideal day indoors! Insulated curtains are a heat exchange tool, keeping warm air from entering the room. It can also help with reducing harsh summer sunlight. 

Photo by Carlos Caamal via Pexels

Add greenery

Not only does it add more life to one’s mood, adding more plants in your home help keep the temperature at bay as it circulates oxygen in the room and counters the dry air quality. Having a good amount of greenery combats the everyday pollutants of the city.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko via Pexels

Have your AC unit checked and cleaned

You’ll certainly be keeping your AC on for hours on end this summer so it’s just as important to have it inspected and cleaned by a professional for it to release colder air, avoid overheating, and prolong its lifespan. 

Photo by pisauikan via Pixabay

Lessen electrical light consumption

Now is the time to take advantage of natural light and opting to use less lights on by night. Electrical lights give off more heat than you think. This way, you get to save up on electricity and keep your home much cooler!

Photo by Lalesh Aldarwish via Pexels

Keep your plumbing in check

Aside from keeping cool with the help of AC, the next option would be to dip into a cold shower. Don’t let an out-of-shape plumbing situation keep you away from your much needed bath! Get it checked by a professional to avoid the hassle later on. 

Photo by Andre Davis via Unsplash

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