Should You Buy The iPhone 14 Pro?

Let us try to convince you.

With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple may have given us the next-generation iPhone we’ve been expecting for years. The iPhone 14 Pro finally offers significant changes to the experience and key modifications to how the iPhone feels.

Photo by: Apple

The latest iPhone is packed with the latest technology that money can buy. But we’ll try to keep this as concise as possible. So, why should you upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro?

Dynamic Island

People have been waiting for years to get rid of the notch. And we finally did, in a way. With the new Pro models, Apple introduces a pill-shaped cutout called the Dynamic Island.

Photo by: Apple

Apple managed to transform this new cutout design—which is still enormous compared to the tiny hole-punch cameras we’ve seen on Android phones—into a feature. On the iPhone 14 Pro, notifications pop out from Dynamic Island instead of dropping down from the top of the display.

Always-On Display

This is for those who’ve wanted the famous Android feature for a while. Even if Android pioneered the feature, Apple’s take on an always-on display does not fall short.

The iPhone 14 Pro dims your background when not in use. So, regardless of whether your screen is on or off, your personalized lock screen will still be visible.

Camera Upgrades

Photo by: Apple

With a quad-pixel sensor, the iPhone 14 Pro’s 48MP camera is the best in its class. It can collect more light and add more detail to images thanks to this increased resolution. It also has a camera sensor that is 65% larger than the previous model.

The A16 Bionic Chip

The newest A16 Bionic CPU from Apple is only available in the Pro models. Unlike last year’s series, where both the base model and the Pro model shared the same processor.

Photo by: Apple

Apple claims that its chip is up to 40% faster than its competition. The A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro offers access to a few unique capabilities in addition to the anticipated improvements in speed and gaming performance. For instance, the chip has a dedicated display engine that enables the phone to reduce its refresh rate to 1Hz, making it workable for an iPhone display to always be on.

The Much Awaited Redesign

Photo by: Apple

Since the iPhone X, iPhones have felt like refinements with significant improvements. But none of them has felt like a genuine visual refresh. The iPhone 14 Pro comes in new colors, but the changes go deeper. Thanks to the Dynamic Island, the iPhone 14 Pro feels like a next-generation iPhone.


The iPhone 14 Pro may not be as big of a redesign as people expect, but it’s a massive leap towards the goal. If you own an iPhone 13 Pro, you might want to sit this one out. The improvements to the iPhone 14 line-up don’t overshadow the previous model. But if you have an iPhone 12 or below, it’ll be an excellent upgrade for the starting price of US$999.

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