Calling All ARMYs: a BTS-Inspired Mobile Puzzle Game is Now on Google Play and App Store

If you’re an ARMY, you’re probably acquainted with BT21 – a group of avatars created by RM, Jungkook, V, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, and Jimin with LINE Friends. 

Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, Tata, Cooky, and Van are the adorable characters of BT21. And there is a lot of merch out there that you could buy. 


Now, there’s a puzzle game you can solve with the help of BT21. LINE released a BTS-inspired game on Google Play and App Store, and it’s now available for download. 

In this game, the avatars of BT21 aren’t simply there as decoration, because each of them has a special skill that you can use when solving the puzzle. As you complete each level, you will earn rewards and even images from the BT21 Pop Town. 

Do note that you don’t have access to the characters from the get-go. You have to pass the levels to complete them.

However, you won’t get bored before you reach the end because you can play this with your friends!

Download the game now on Google Play or App Store!


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