Deal with Dog Zoomies with These Indoor Activities

Dogs, in general, need at least 30 minutes of regular exercise and proper nutrition to stay healthy. But sometimes, taking them out for a walk isn’t an option. Whether it’s because you’re working long hours or there’s inclement weather, you’ll need to think of alternatives to deal with their zoomies. Here are some indoor activities that will keep them occupied.

Play with them

Simply giving your pet belly rubs and playing with them builds your relationship and keeps them active. You could also bring out their favorite toys, like a ball, a plushie, or a chew toy, and just let them go at it. If you have other dogs, let them play with each other or ask the neighbors to have a playdate with yours.

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Playing fetch is possible even in a small condo. Throw the object in every corner and let your pet race back and forth until it tires out. However, be sure not to disrupt the neighbors downstairs, and play in an area where there aren’t fragile items they can knock over.  

Tug of War

A game of tug of war is a perfect indoor activity as it doesn’t require much space. When choosing an item to tug with, go for materials that aren’t harsh on the teeth or gums. American Kennel Club also suggests considering toys with length to avoid accidental bites of your hand.

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Hide and Treat

Since you wouldn’t have enough room to hide from your dog, you can play hide and treat instead. It’s essentially a game to enhance your pet’s sense of smell. “Start by letting them see where you hide the treat. After that, hide the treat in another room, then let them search for it,” Veterinarian Julie Taylor explains.

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Train Your Dogs

Teaching your dog basic commands like sit and stay not only trains them to be more obedient but it’s also considered exercise. Challenge them by setting up an obstacle course using common household objects like pillows and boxes.

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Keep your dog entertained indoors with these interactive activities. It’s a win-win situation because you’ll be relieving some stress during playtime, and they’ll be getting the exercise that they need.   

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