The Naked Truth: A Telegram Sex Worker Tells All

A Filipina tells us what led her to start selling nudes online.

Everything is digital nowadays. That means everything is instant, including sex. This is evident in the rise of sites like OnlyFans. Such sites are more popular abroad, but Filipinos have also begun to sell nudes online. They’ve taken on the title of “digital sex worker” to make ends meet.
FreebieMNL was able to speak with a content seller named Mari*. She was open enough to take us into the world of online sex work.

Meet Mari, the Telegram sex worker

By day, Mari is a college student taking up communication. Apart from her studies, she’s also on the student council. By night, she sells nudes. Mari is a certified Telegram sex worker, but she also has an active Twitter account.

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Photo from Mari

She’s new to this, she tells us. Her friends got her into it after they started selling nudes themselves. They told her it was the only way they could think of to help their parents. Because Mari wanted to help her own family, she decided to follow in her friends’ sexual footsteps. She felt mixed emotions when she did it for the first time, but she got over it thanks to her customers. Their positive feedback gave her the confidence to keep going.
Aside from nude photos and videos, Mari also does phone and video calls with her customers. Sometimes, she even meets up with some of them in person for actual sex. But she says she’s picky. Mari usually does it with inexperienced men because she thinks it’s safer. She doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing. She sees it as getting paid to get laid, which for her is fun and satisfying.

Safety precautions

One of the things this Telegram sex worker keeps in mind is safety. She requires her customers to wear condoms. She does this to protect both parties from STIs and STDs.

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“Money down before panty down” is Mari’s rule when meeting up with people. She also wants to vibe with her paying lover first. Also, she’d rather not go to far-off places. Finally, to make sure that nothing bad happens to her, the content seller asks them to send IDs and selfies. She also video calls them before they do the deed to make sure they’re legit.

Mari’s advocacy

Some may see flashing their naked bodies online as a challenge, but Mari doesn’t think that way. She enjoys it. She has also become an advocate for sex work.
What makes her even more impressive is that she has a plus-sized figure. Mari wants to break two stigmas at once. She’s out to prove that sex work is OK and that even plus-sized women can succeed in this arena.
“I want to break the stigma surrounding plus-sized women. We can be sexy too. When my friends introduced me to this job, I hesitated because I was afraid other people would find out. After all, I’m a student leader. Now I want to normalize sex work in this country. It can help people who are struggling with their finances,” she says.

*Name has been changed.

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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